Friday, December 25, 2009

PhD Program from MIMS

Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences Ph.D. Program
A selected project for Global COE (Centers of Excellence) Program :
Formation and Development of Mathematical Sciences Based on Modeling and Analysis

Overview of MIMS Ph. D. Program
The key educational component of the Global COE Program for the `Formation and Development of Mathematical Sciences Based on Modeling and Analysis' is the Ph.D. program provided by MIMS, an affiliated research institute of the Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Property, Meiji University.

This program consists of (1) "Cross Educational Programs" and (2) "Practical Programs".

Application Periods
Applications can only be made during the application periods specified below.
*Application Period I: From 2nd July 2009 to 8th July 2009
*Application Period II: From 27th January 2010 to 2nd February 2010
Note: Applications must arrive no later than the final dates shown above.

Applicants must send an e-mail to the Office of the Global COE Program including the following information:
-E-mail Subject: "Request for MIMS Ph.D. Program application forms"
-Applicant's full name
-Present residing address
-E-mail address (except free e-mail address)
-Telephone number
Application forms will be sent to the present address by post as indicated on the e-mail.

Contact Information
Meiji University
Office of the Global Centers of Excellence Program
1-1-1 Higashimita, Tama-ku, Kawasaki,
Kanagawa 214-8571
E-mail: gcoe[at]

Complete info:

Queen's University MA and PhD in Cultural Studies

Cultural studies at Queen's University is a unique graduate program that offers opportunities for cultural production and community-activist fieldwork.
The faculty is comprised of 69 scholars, drawn from 21 disciplines at Queen's University. The program offers courses specific to cultural studies and elective courses in each of the departments that our faculty represent.
The program welcomes applicants who are interested in meaningful engagement with cultural issues relevant to local and global communities.

To learn more about graduate studies at Queen's University and to access the online application service please see the School of Graduate Studies.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


British sholarship will open in February 2010.

The British Scholarships are offered to Finns for postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. So, if you hold a Bachelor’s degree or above already, this might interest you.

The awards are open to Finnish applicants in the following fields:
Climate Change
Entrepreneurship and Leadership
European Issues
International Business Management
EU Law

Amount of Funding
The award is a partial contribution towards the costs of a single person’s post-graduate studies in the UK. In exceptional cases we may also offer scholarships to shorter research periods. It is assumed that successful candidates will secure additional funding from other sources. The maximum value of each scholarship is 10,000 euros.

more information

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